“How to Live a Prosperous Life” by Catherine Ponder

"How to Live a Prosperous Life" by Catherine Ponder

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"Discover the Key to Prosperity—Within Your Most Private Thoughts

In her first book, How to Live a Prosperous Life, legendary metaphysical thinker Catherine Ponder lays out the full range of the success philosophy that has won her millions of readers around the world. Your thoughts, emotions, mental images, words, and prayers, Ponder teaches, are the overlooked doorway to abundance and financial security.

In How to Live a Prosperous Life, Ponder provides clear, simple techniques to use the image-making faculty of thought and the power of faith to gain the resources that are your natural right. In this concise guide, discover:
How to devise and sustain images of financial health
How to connect with the Infinite Power that shapes our material world
Unstoppable methods of prayer for wealth
How to remain “on” during periods of temporary lack
Your "Wheel of Fortune" method to money
The magic of tithing
Ways to speak your good into being

Readable, engaging, human, and inspiring—Ponder’s voice was never more potent than in How to Live a Prosperous Life."