“Apprenticed to Spirit: The Education of a Soul” by David Spangler

"Apprenticed to Spirit: The Education of a Soul" by David Spangler

"In this powerfully personal story, teacher and visionary David Spangler recounts the extraordinary forces that introduced him to the spiritual realm.

David Spangler has always had an intuitive understanding that our physical world is only one small part of the universe. For as long as he can remember, this visionary and spiritual teacher has been psychically aware of a spiritual world existing alongside the physical one.

In 1965, when he was studying biochemistry at Arizona State University, Spangler chose to leave college and follow an inner spiritual calling. Soon after, he encountered an extraordinary presence, which he named "John," and which over the next quarter-century would be his colleague and mentor, assisting him in exploring the "inner worlds" of the spirit. No ordinary teacher, John was Spangler's guide to comprehending the sacredness within us, and he helped build partnerships with the spiritual worlds. John tutored him in some of the most basic mysteries of life and the nature of the human spirit.

In Apprenticed to Spirit, Spangler recounts how he met John and how John showed him the way to develop a spiritual intelligence-what Spangler calls "a mind of the soul"—and to integrate it into everyday life. Such a development, John said, is important for enhancing a person's creativity and bringing his spiritual energy into focus. Spangler learned to think with his soul and embarked on the apprenticeship to understanding the sacredness of our world and of the realms beyond ours—a journey that continues to this day. This book is the absorbing memoir of one man's journey to understanding how we can learn to lead lives of greater blessing and to be sources of blessing and service for the world as a whole."