“The Hermetic Tree of Life: Elemental Magic and Spiritual Initiation” by William R. Mistele

"The Hermetic Tree of Life: Elemental Magic and Spiritual Initiation" by William R. Mistele

"A guide to realizing your highest magical and spiritual potential

• Provides initiatory wisdom and practices structured around the Tree of Life to maximize spiritual powers and creativity
• Presents strategies for self-actualization drawn from transpersonal psychology, spirituality, Gaia-based religions, the Western hermetic tradition, Kabbalah, and other mystical traditions, including the teachings of Franz Bardon
• Offers practices for enhancing connection to one’s higher self, exploring dreamtime on the astral plane, dissolving negativity, and developing mental clarity

In initiation, something happens to us. We change. Some aspect of ourselves is transformed. The result is that the various forces within us—desires, dreams, motivations, and inspirations—are amplified, deepened, and redirected. Ultimately, the goal is to become your own creation, your better self, the person you wish to be.

In this accessible guide to realizing your highest magical and spiritual potential, William Mistele presents a wealth of practices and initiatory wisdom, structured around the Tree of Life, to help you develop the vast spiritual world within. Drawing on hermetic teachings, the Kabbalah, and the elemental magic of Franz Bardon, he provides psychological skills to master, dreams to explore, and initiations to experience. His methods enhance sensory perception and deepen feelings of peace and oneness with the universe. He shares practices for learning to talk to and gain the cooperation of your subconscious, techniques for dissolving negativity, ways to create bliss and ecstasy at will, and the means for enhancing a connection to one’s higher self.

For each of the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life, progressing from the sephirah connected to the physical world to those connected to the astral plane, enlightenment, and the higher self, Mistele explores each sephirah’s unique spiritual qualities and wisdom and offers challenges for the reader to accomplish and magical methods to unite oneself with the four elements of nature (earth, air, fire, and water) from within. He shares profound psychological and spiritual experiences that can occur once you know a sephirah deeply and explains exactly how you can reproduce these experiences for yourself. Offering initiatory practices to help you enact transformation at the core of your being, he guides you to bring each sephirah to life via visualization and dreams.

Providing a roadmap to the spiritual world, Mistele empowers you to have more self-understanding, to be more successful and confident, and to have the imagination and spiritual freedom to transform into the person you wish to be."