“Encyclopaedia of the the Divine Masculine: God of 10,000 Names” by Tamara Von Forslun

"Encyclopaedia of the the Divine Masculine: God of 10,000 Names" by Tamara Von Forslun

"The idea of religion has been around since the beginning of mankind, when man saw something bigger and grander than themselves. They saw an immense building block of creation and re-creation in all aspects of nature. It was the ancient Shamans that created the first structures that we call religion. But these were set upon rules and laws of Nature based on birth, life, fertility, truth, faith, magic, death, love, and rebirth. From this the Divine was born with the images of their surroundings, and above these images were the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and these great Ancient Beings spoke to the Shamans (the Priests of Old) and guided their footsteps who in turn guided their community.

The reality is that now man has created a myriad of gods in each and every country, culture and community, and through time these spiritual Shamans have shared their truth with all of mankind upon their many travels, and so religion spread, and the names of their deities also spread to create the diversity all over the world, where instead of a god being known just to a set area and community that he has now been shared and adopted all over the world by those who were searching, and believe they found their fit. The reality is that God is! Deity has always been about bringing likeminded people together without judgment, segregation, and distrust. It is about tolerance, acceptance, faith, trust, love, peace, harmony, truth, and the bigger picture of Divine Oneness.

This book features thousands of gods from every land, culture and belief system that were needed to bring man into the 21st Century. Do we still need thousands of deities? That can only be answered by yourself when you find your god or goddess. Please delve into the history and variations of deities as they take you back into the past of your ancestors and hopefully bring you closer to yourself, your Truth, and that spiritual connection to your god in the 21st century, no matter what name he is known."