“Awakenings, Mediumship, Third Eyes, and Mental Health: A Psychic Medium’s Personal Story of Questioning Everything He’s Told, for the Sake of His Sanity” by Sean Graham

"Awakenings, Mediumship, Third Eyes, and Mental Health: A Psychic Medium's Personal Story of Questioning Everything He's Told, for the Sake of His Sanity" by Sean Graham

"Most of us, during a Spiritual Awakening, go looking for advice and answers. But are the answers always helpful?

After seeing the turmoil a lot of his clients were in, Sean was inspired to write this book. Just like with his work as a psychic medium, he certainly did not follow the traditional route with his writing and that more than shows. His personal account tells it how he sees it in his, at times, hilarious, thought-provoking, and completely unique look at why we run with what are, in his view, outdated thought processes that can lead to a mental health disaster if we believe everything we are told.

Sean’s light-hearted look at the struggles with his mental health during his Awakening guides us through his own journey from sceptic to the medium known as: "Sean — No BS — Psychic Medium".

Sean walks us through his own experiences to explain why he had to utilise his engineering background to get logical answers that made sense to him for the sake of his mental and physical health. Along the way he gives us methods that work for him and that might just work for you too. After all, he is adamant that we can all connect with Spirit.

This is not a book for the easily offended—his dark sense of humour and colourful language are bound to ruffle some feathers while at the same time making life that whole lot easier for someone who is struggling with some of the "cloak-and-dagger" nonsense that surrounds the very subject of Spirit work.

As well as the light hearted side of Sean's journey, we also hear about the negative effects of miss-information, some unbelievable accounts of evidence passed to his clients, and how hard it is to talk to those around you during an awakening."