“Tarot for the Hard Work: An Archetypal Journey to Confront Racism and Inspire Collective Healing” by Maria Minnis

"Tarot for the Hard Work: An Archetypal Journey to Confront Racism and Inspire Collective Healing" by Maria Minnis

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"Tarot for the Hard Work is a provocative exploration of the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana that re envisions these archetypes as beacons that illuminate the various ways racism takes root both in ourselves and in the world. Author Maria Minnis, with compassion and wisdom, shows us how these insights can be turned into self-awareness, self-love, and positive social action.

Tarot has always been a powerful guide for introspection and inner work, so what better tool to use when we’re ready to do the really hard work? Minnis provides actionable exercises in this tarot workbook, giving readers a unique, personal understanding of what systemic racism is—and what steps we can take to begin to dismantle it. This is a book for anyone who has been overwhelmed, outraged, or frustrated and asked, "But what can I do?" It is a book for anyone ready to look within and do the uncomfortable inner work necessary to demolish everyday racism. This book says tarot can be a tool for action, one that may offer great satisfaction as well as great difficulty, all while pushing you out of your comfort zone.

In Tarot for the Hard Work you’ll explore the Major Arcana to uncover how each card highlights both benevolent and shadow aspects of each archetype in relation to the different ways that racism shows up in our lives. With exercises and thought-provoking recommended reading and resources, you will be guided how to use those themes to dismantle internalized racism, racism in your relationships, and racism in your communities. Journal prompts are provided to help you create your own antiracism tool kit. As you move from the Fool to the World card, you’ll discover that everything we do ripples beyond us and that there are practical ways to use tarot energy to change our actions and our world."