“Cards on Houses: Constructing Your Taroscopic Natal and Year Charts” by Michael Tsarion

"Cards on Houses: Constructing Your Taroscopic Natal and Year Charts" by Michael Tsarion

"Michael Tsarion’s magnum opus on the Hermetic Arts of Divination and Western Magical Tradition. This book introduces the complete Taroscopic System of Divination, and is the perfect extension and compliment to Michael’s online Mystery School.

Cards on Houses is the result of intensive researches that began in 1994, twenty two years from the date of publication. The book offers an original astrological system not identical with Western or Vedic systems. The system employs the Tarot’s Major Arcana for readings of exceptional accuracy. Key aspects of Numerology are also incorporated in this dynamic and unique divination system.

If you have always wanted to employ these arts in a holistic efficient manner, this book is for you. It allows you to quickly construct charts and spreads which provide insight into your own life or that of clients. No paraphernalia is required, no compasses, atlases, tables of houses, ephemerises or computer programs. An extensive appendices section provides readers with complete details of their Taroscopic natal and yearly charts."