“The Witch of the Forest’s Guide to Tarot Magick” by Lindsay Squire

"The Witch of the Forest’s Guide to Tarot Magick" by Lindsay Squire

"The world of tarot cards is swirling with rich meaning, symbolism and secrets waiting to reveal themselves. Whether you’re new to witchcraft, tarot, or both, this beginner’s guide to tarot magick is for you!

Including stunning illustrations from The Witch of the Forest’s very own Tarot Magick deck (illustrated by Viki Lester of Forensics and Flowers), and brimming with easy-to-learn information, explore the in-depth meanings and symbolism of every card, develop your intuitive tarot skills, and improve your wellness practice through the power of witchcraft and tarot.

Learn how to:
Interpret all 78 cards in the modern tarot deck,
Understand the difference between the Major and Minor Arcana cards, including the difference between a pentacle, wand, sword and cup card,
Note the importance of the element, zodiac signs and planet in astrology associated with each card
Explore the significance of numerology in tarot,
Practice a tarot ‘spread’ and give yourself a tarot reading,
Incorporate tarot into your witchy and wellbeing practice,
Give a tarot reading for friends and family,
…and much more!

With recipes, rituals and tips and tricks taken from The Witch of the Forest’s personal grimoire, learn how to use the cards as part of spells, to help you understand yourself better, and to improve your self-love practice.

Enchanting, empowering, and bursting with spellbinding artwork, The Witch of the Forest’s Guide to… series covers everything you need to know to begin and thrive on your witchcraft journey.

From embracing and working with nature to learn more about green magick, to harnessing the magickal power of the moon and the stars, explore the life-changing world of witchcraft for well-being in Natural Magick, Earth Magick, Astrology Magick and Tarot Magick."