“The Petit Lenormand Oracle: A Comprehensive Manual For the 21st Century Card Reader” by Lisa Young-Sutton

"The Petit Lenormand Oracle: A Comprehensive Manual For the 21st Century Card Reader" by Lisa Young-Sutton

"Anyone can pick up a deck of Lenormand cards and with a list of card meanings and some basic instruction, can perform rudimentary acts of fortune-telling. If that's what you want, this book can certainly show you how to do that. But, if you're like Lisa Young-Sutton, and want to understand the how's and why's and do more than provide basic cookie-cutter answers to life's important questions, then this book was written for you! Lisa began writing this book as a learner, explaining details and concepts from a beginner's mindset with the hopes that it would be easily understandable by everyone from a complete novice, to professional readers who simply want to view this system from a fresh perspective.

In this book, you'll explore everything from getting into the right mindset and finding and protecting your mojo, to the difference between intuitive reading and system reading, to how the meanings of the cards were devised, to the most popular spreads — with an in-depth look at the Grand Tableau. With many guidelines and examples, Lisa will teach you how to recognize the patterns and clues that will turn an ordinary reading into a "wow, how did you see that?" kind of reading!

Lisa's motto is, "Don't settle for the ordinary when you can be extraordinary!" Her goal is to inspire readers to think outside of the box and learn to trust their intuitions. Join her on this journey and enjoy the ride."