“Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand” by Andy Boroveshengra

"Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand" by Andy Boroveshengra

"For over 150 years, fortune tellers in Europe and Brazil have cherished the Petit Lenormand method for its ability to answer questions on love, family, wealth, career, health and even pets! In this complete and illustrated guide, written by Andy Boroveshengra, who authored the first English courses on the Petit Lenormand, the whole method is explained in easy to understand English. This new edition has been revised and expanded. Topics include the method of distance and direction. With this text, you can learn two practical versions of the famous Grand Tableau, how to describe people and the real meanings of the suits and how they can be utilised in readings. Others spreads include yes and no, fans of five and nine, the pyramid and the 3 x 3. Nothing is left out. Nothing is half explained."