“Near Enemies of the Truth: Avoid the Pitfalls of the Spiritual Life and Become Radically Free” by Christopher D. Wallis

"Near Enemies of the Truth: Avoid the Pitfalls of the Spiritual Life and Become Radically Free" by Christopher D. Wallis

"Tantric philosopher and Oxford scholar Christopher Wallis calls out the seemingly helpful spiritual teachings dominating our current culture and demonstrates how these near truths stand in the way of a more radically free and meaningful life—and ultimately, a deeper spiritual awakening.

Have you ever been told, "You create your own reality"? Have you been encouraged to "be your best self" or "follow your bliss"? Nowadays these slogans are everywhere, but what if they’re doing more harm than good? After over thirty years as a scholar-practitioner of meditation and Tantric philosophy, acclaimed author Christopher Wallis (also known as Hareesh) explores the most widespread distortions of spiritual teachings present in our world today. Rooted in the Asian wisdom traditions, Wallis’s book uncovers why these oft-heard platitudes are "near enemies" to the truth, often detour us off the spiritual path, and can even cause unnecessary suffering.

In asking us to question what we’ve accepted as "truth", Wallis reveals how teachings like "become the best version of yourself" may have helped us at one stage in our journey but can ultimately lead us away from self-acceptance and compassion and cause us to prioritize an imagined ideal over true intimacy with reality. Understanding the near enemies is vital for any spiritual seeker who is ready to create a deeper, more fulfilling practice and will help you:
Distinguish between truth and belief
Communicate more authentically with loved ones
Set healthier boundaries
Be in greater harmony with reality
Practice radical self-acceptance

Near Enemies of the Truth offers itself as a guide to the pitfalls of the spiritual life. However, it doesn’t focus on the negative. In each chapter, after pointing out how a spiritual teaching can be construed in a non-beneficial way, Wallis focuses on the deeper truth and ancient wisdom underlying that teaching, which is often obscured by its popular bumper-sticker version. Each chapter contains a supportive insight for your spiritual process and/or for your everyday life, including guided meditations and reflections.

Written in a gentle and encouraging tone, this book offers a wealth of insight and guidance for anyone who finds themselves struggling, reaching a spiritual plateau, or simply seeking a more meaningful way forward. This timely companion will help you think differently and see through the smokescreens to what is true."