“The Complete Clairvoyant: Psychic Training, Intuitive Development, Manifesting Abundance” by Debra Lynne Katz

"The Complete Clairvoyant: Psychic Training, Intuitive Development, Manifesting Abundance" by Debra Lynne Katz

"The Complete Clairvoyant: Psychic Training, Intuitive Development, Manifesting Abundance offers three life-changing books by Debra Lynne Katz wrapped up into a single volume. It is the one-stop shop for anyone seeking insights, guidance, direction & simple yet highly effective techniques to access intuitive-based information about people, pets, & the world around us, within us & beyond. It is packed with tools, techniques, and approaches to utilizing your innate intuitive abilities in a conscious and intentional manner. Are you an out-of-control empath? A healer who gives your energy away & can't easily set boundaries? Are you possibly picking up on others’ emotions and thoughts but not sure if this is really happening or just in your imagination? Are you having psychic-related experiences you don't understand, that you can't talk about, that you can't control? Perhaps you find these topics so fascinating but worry about delving into them in a safe manner, or just have no idea where to get started. Or, like many other readers maybe you already have been doing energy healing, meditation, manifestation work for years, even professionally, but just really would love to hone your clairvoyant skills — the ability to perceive, and alter information and energy through images and pictures. Are you seeing spirits or sensing them around, and yet communication with them continues to elude you? Look no further!

You Are Psychic has been hailed as the Psychic’s Bible. It is a classic in terms of the insights, healing, aha moments, powerful meditations, and experiences it brought to so many budding clairvoyants. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to connect with themselves on a deeper level. It will give you much of what you need to apply your intuitive skills so that you can help others in ways that far surpass what your logical mind could do for them. It offers self-protection and boundary-setting tools, helping you to understand what it means to be an energetic, spiritual being in a physical body. Even for those on the fence of how far they want to pursue their intuitive potential. This book is for anyone seeking to become more grounded, balanced, focused, and in control of their own self and life.

Extraordinary Psychic continues the journey with coverage of more-advanced clairvoyant reading and energy healing and mediumship topics. You’ll learn further easy yet effective approaches that allow you to learn how to attune to another person, begin the initial flow of information and probe earlier images for further details. You’ll learn how to use your clairvoyant to read and heal relationships for yourself and others. You’ll learn how to connect with guides; deal with the wide array of spirits roaming the universe; deprogram yourself & others from mental and emotional blocks; & learn how to overcome challenges you may face as an intuitive reader & healer. We’ll also cover topics like starting your own professional practice as a clairvoyant reader and healer and discuss issues and challenges related to "the business of spirituality".

Freeing the Genie Within helps you get unstuck in all aspects of life. It will address your most stubborn life patterns and areas where you just feel like things are not moving fast enough. This book shows you how to jump over hurdles, rise high above ceilings & burst through walls of resistance, so that you can for once & for all change stubborn patterns within yourself, relationships, & understand what might be holding you back. It is one of the first books about manifesting & the law of attraction to really address energetic dynamics using clairvoyant reading & healing techniques on yourself & your goals/creations. It will help you to change the way you think and feel, connect you with your divine power (internally and externally)."