“Contact Modalities: The Keys to the Universe” by Grant Cameron and Desta Barnabe

"Contact Modalities: The Keys to the Universe" by Grant Cameron and Desta Barnabe

"Contact modalities are gateways to the paranormal world that have mystified humanity for centuries.

Inside, we examine over 70 modalities that people can use to transcend the waking states of reality entering into realms of the magical and mystical. Examples of this would be: UFO contact with non-human intelligences, psychic powers, spirit contact, remote viewing, telepathy, hypnosis, meditation, psychedelics, channeling, and a host of other examples are also used to pierce the veil.

Throughout history, we have seen the diversity of these contact modalities. Though we have made efforts to categorize these modalities in the past and see them as a separate phenomenon, the similarities are undeniable and ultimately serve the same purpose.

This book also looks at the nature of mind, memory and brain research showing that many reported claims of contact are not imagined. This same research is helping to explain how people explore breaks with waking consciousness. The reader will learn that it is entirely attainable. We are now on the verge of being able to train people to create their own break from physical reality, accessing the many benefits from extended states of consciousness."