“Manifesting Abundance with Goddess Fortuna: The art of Ritualistic Wealth” by Frater Brandon

"Manifesting Abundance with Goddess Fortuna: The art of Ritualistic Wealth" by Frater Brandon

"Unlock your financial luck and manifest abundance with the power of Goddess Fortuna. This book will teach you how to utilize the ancient practice of ritualistic wealth to attract success and abundance into your life. With this book, you will learn how to use the energy of Goddess Fortuna to unlock your financial destiny and achieve your goals.

Benefits from reading this book:
* Cultivate prosperity and abundance in your life
* Create positive energy to bring wealth and luck
* Learn how to use ritualistic wealth to manifest success in your life

What's included in this book:
* Step-by-step instructions on how to perform rituals with Goddess Fortuna
* An in-depth look at the history and mythology of Goddess Fortuna
* Deep dives into the philosophy and practice of ritualistic wealth"