“Moon Spell Magic: Invocations, Incantations & Lunar Lore for A Happy Life” by Cerridwen Greenleaf

"Moon Spell Magic: Invocations, Incantations & Lunar Lore for A Happy Life" by Cerridwen Greenleaf

"This practical handbook for drawing down the moon’s magical energy covers Wiccan spells on everything from romance and money to your personal super moon.

Moon Spell Magic is your essential guide to the many rituals, incantations, and modern pagan practices that can lead to great personal growth and the life of your dreams. In these pages, you will find the essential lore and background information for a deeper grounding in magical correspondences, moon phases, astrological associations, and the myths behind the magic.

Whether you are looking to conjure up a supernatural Saturday for your coven or rid your home of negative energy and blocks to happiness, this numinous guide can help you turn your home into a personal pagan power center—and have plenty of fun in the process. The moon has enormous power and celestial energy; by harnessing that, you can improve your life every day with the spells in this book.

This comprehensive guide includes:
More than 100 recipes for spells ranging from the everyday to special occasions and high holidays
Something for every reader, from beginner level to advance students of the craft
Ritual resources including lunar lore, astronomical and color correspondences, plant associations, god and goddess invocations, and elemental aspects for creating personal spells
New takes on the basics such as spells for love, health, money, and luck as well as many pagan practices for a modern lifestyle
A "personal super moon" section detailing your luckiest days of the year and the best times for work, romance, prosperity, and when you can access your Lunar Super Powers"