“Japanese Folk Magic Sampler” by Maddy

"Japanese Folk Magic Sampler" by Maddy

"This book:
• is a result of the compiler’s passion for Oriental occultism
• is a small collection of Edo period folk magic spells
• is meant to be simple
• uses the Hepburn romanization

It is not:
• about Onmyōdō, Shingon, Mikkyō, or earlier forms of Japanese sorcery derived from Daoism or Buddhism
• related to any formal religion or faith, even if some spells make reference to Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines
• a replacement for medical or psychological treatment
• for sale

The spells:
• need not be said in Japanese – any language will do. What matters is strong intent and faith in the spell.
• are from various sources ranging from regional folk practices, folk grimoires, and classical poems
• are in Classical Japanese and will sound archaic to a modern Japanese speaker
• have been tried and tested by the compiler and have proven to be fairly reliable"