“Sane Occultism” by Dion Fortune (Violet M. Firth)

"Sane Occultism" by Dion Fortune (Violet M. Firth)

"Dion Fortune is acknowledged to be one of the most knowledgeable and level-headed writers on Esoteric matters. In Sane Occultism she is adamant that magic and occult studies, though often dealing with unseen forces, must still be grounded in Reason, and she explains how claims of psychic ability and past lives can, and should, be verified.

The book covers a vast swathe of topics, from meditation and psychism, through numerology and astrology, to such "black" Occult practices as psychic vampirism, blood sacrifice and other aspects of the Left-Hand Path. The need, or otherwise, for vegetarianism, strict obedience to a master, and secrecy, are also covered in detail.

Sane Occultism is a refreshing, no-nonsense look at esotericism, being at the same time an excellent introduction to the subject and a book that will give even the experienced practitioner much to think about."