“Moon’s Breath and Magick: A Semiautobiographical Anthology of International Goddesses” by Lynn Capani-Czebiniak

"Moon’s Breath and Magick: A Semiautobiographical Anthology of International Goddesses" by Lynn Capani-Czebiniak

"Lynn Capani-Czebiniak is passionate about bringing the living goddess into the lives of all who may know of her, but have not yet found a way to integrate her love and compassion into their lives.

Within a semiautobiographical presentation, Lynn shares original goddess creations accompanied by explanations and details of her own intimate experiences with each goddess, including Abuk, Morpheus, Gaia, Kwan Yin, Mare-Mayde, and many more. While encouraging others to invite the Goddess presence into our beings to learn everything we can about her and the gentler way of life she exemplifies, Lynn also provides ways our studies of goddesses can guide us to implement positive changes through meditation, mindful purpose, and reverence—ultimately letting go of what no longer serves us and finding our way back to renewal.

Moon’s Breath and Magick shares original illustrations and personal insights that celebrate the resurgence of the Goddess while exemplifying the Goddess in each of us."