“The Witch Games & Other Supernatural Tales” by E.W. Farnsworth

"The Witch Games & Other Supernatural Tales" by E.W. Farnsworth

"The Witch Games & Other Supernatural Tales high-light the brilliance of E. W. Farnsworth’s far-reaching imagination and showcase several of his latest tales.

The Witch Games novella intentionally crosses the traditional boundary between the supernatural and science fiction. Be advised the future depicted in this story is on our doorstep and drawn from actual occurrences in radical institutions for the extremely gifted.

Other stories in this collection owe as much to fact as to folklore, traditions, and the author’s imagination. The spectrum is intentionally wide, running from the tale of the aftermath and strange rebirth of a high-tech company to dark fairy tales about vengeful ghosts in the Christian, Japanese, and Mongolian traditions.

Even the tale, Mr. Truman’s Ghosts, is based on actual ghosts reportedly dwelling in the White House. Stories with Norse themes or Hopi Indian myths expand the geographical range while upending expectations.

Above all, these stories are for contemplating super-natural situations and are an invitation to ponder the ‘what-if’ in our lives."