“How to Summon Demons” by Aaiyyanist Group

"How to Summon Demons" by Aaiyyanist Group

"This is a book that teaches you how to summon demons and spirits from a Hindu Aaiyyanist perspective. You can use these entities to gain wealth, power and ancient knowledge. Tens of thousands of people worldwide are using this knowledge to become successful and become one with Higher entities. Come join us.

This book will show you the steps on how to summon Spirits (Pretas and Bhoots) as well as various designations of Demons such as Pishachas, Rakshasas and Asuras. This book will teach you how to communicate with these entities and also begin to form a link with them to aid you in various ways.

These teachings have been used for thousands of years to help the rich and powerful retain control and it has also opened the gateway to those wishing to join the elite.

This book focuses on the teaching of the Abhichaara School which is one of the Tantric schools of Hindu Aaiyyanism.

One of the ways the Abhichaara school expresses itself is in the invocation or summoning of negative beings such as Asuras/Rakshasas (demons), Preta/Bhoots (spirits) etc… They do this to either immerse themselves in negative energy as a form of dark liberation, or to direct negative energy against their enemies.

This book will present the methods used by the Abhichaara school to summon various negative entities that will aid you, if you so wish it. The aid these beings can give you are either to remove negativity from yourself on a superficial level to give you wealth and power, or (more usually) to curse your enemies. Aaiyyanists believe that negativity directed at someone can lead them to have bad luck, illness, physical, mental and material harm, so please do not use this to harm others.

This book is for educational purposes only and should not be used in malice against anyone."