“Biological Transmutations” by C. Louis Kervran (1998 revised English edition)

"Biological Transmutations" by C. Louis Kervran (1998 revised English edition)

"This book is the best compilation and finest translation of the major works of Prof. Kervan. It is intended for everyone: scholar, layman or students. It was not directed particularly to the scholar's mind and couched in cold scientific terms: thus it is within everyone's ability to comprehend the biological transmutations theory and it's practical applications. Based on Kervan's research, the principles of BT are being applied without patent or licence by industry and business for dietetic and remedial products. In medicine the principle is also recognized, it has opened the door to new treatments and therapeutics for reputedly "incurable" diseases. Agronomists and dieticians, food industries and natural food processors, natural leaven bakers and picklers particularly are the biggest beneficiaries because maintaining food's value is too close to man's body and sou; to remain an academic and isolated science. BT is no more and no less than a reality that teaches us about change; in change we find life and by change we create life. This law of change of the elements uncovered by Kervan has created a movement by millions of people who now eat in a natural way. In a very meaningful way, Mr. Kervan has given this scientific chaotic world the Aladdin's lamp by which we can save ourselves and our diseased earth."