“Borrowed Genius: Gateway to Self-Transformation” by Win Wenger and Harman Max Benda

"Borrowed Genius: Gateway to Self-Transformation" by Win Wenger and Harman Max Benda

"There is a story… that the borrowed-genius process dates back to the time when men and genies traded freedom for wishes.

As was fairly common back then, a man found a magic lamp. The instructions said to rub it 3 times. On the third rub out popped a genie.

"—For my freedom, you get four wishes."

The man wished for money beyond his wildest dreams, the love of good people whom he also loved, and a palace to live in. The genie said something to the effect that "Your wishes are my command".

In the blink of an eye, the man had more money than he could imagine. There were people who loved him and whom he also loved. They all lived in a huge palace. The man was as happy as he could be. Without hesitation, he granted the genie his freedom.

Life in the palace was wonderful. As time went on, the man realized he had to manage his fortune. As owner of a palace, people expected him to give speeches, resolve conflicts and make peace with his neighbors. Every day he thought of things he needed to know how to do. He wondered if he should use his fourth wish to return to the life he had before. He asked the people he trusted what he should do. Everyone had an opinion but no answer.

The man became more and more moody and unhappy. Fed up with his moodiness, his wife told him to go ask the genie for a way to handle all he didn’t know how to do. He rubbed the magic lamp, and even though he had granted the genie his freedom, the genie showed up. The man explained his situation and asked the genie for help.

The genie taught him the borrowed-genius process. From that point on, the man always had an answer that was far more insightful than anyone would ever have expected from him. While the story just told is a fantasy, the Borrowed-Genius technique is not. You have a "magic lamp" in your hands this very moment. To learn how to contact the genie, read on…

Borrowed Genius uses the modern Socratic Method. It is based on three fundamental principles:
1.Anything you describe in detail—while examining it closely—you discover more and more about.
2.You "get more" of what you reinforce.
3.You learn by relating information to your prior experiences and to the contexts already built.

When put into practice, these three principles achieve the original purpose of the Socratic Method, a method designed to get people to examine their perceptions and to describe what they discover in order to learn and achieve."