“The I Ching for Writers: Finding the Page Inside You” by Sarah Jane Sloane

"The I Ching for Writers: Finding the Page Inside You" by Sarah Jane Sloane

"The ancient oracle system of I Ching has provided guidance to wisdom seekers for 5,000 years. Now writers seeking ideas and motivation can take advantage of these ancient predictions, recast by Sarah Jane Sloane into relevant suggestions for contemporary writers.

Each of the I Ching's 64 hexagrams, interpreted by Sloane from years of study as well as from comparisons of over fifty translations, offers commentary and direction for what the future will hold for the writer. In addition to this oracular system of advice, the book outlines the five stages of the writing process — brainstorming, planning, generating a first draft, revising the draft, and polishing — and provides a clear introduction to the philosophy of the I Ching. Inspirational quotations, writing prompts, solutions to common writing problems, and a wonderful exploration of the creative process are also included."