“What Witches Do: A Modern Coven Revealed” by Stewart Farraf

"What Witches Do: A Modern Coven Revealed" by Stewart Farraf

"In the living room of a London flat, a man stands naked and blindfolded. His wrists are bound together behind his back with red cord, which is looped round his neck and holds his arms up to make a triangle. A white cord is tied round his right ankle.

What do witches really do? What is it like to be a witch?

Experience the process through the eyes of Stewart Farrar, author, journalist, and witch, as he describes in detail the activities and practices of modern-day witches. When Stewart first started writing What Witches Do, he was "an interested agnostic" writing from an objective viewpoint. But by the time the book was finished, he had been initiated into the mysteries of Wicca and was destined to become internationally known as one of the world’s leading writers on the subject."