“Dzogchen Nonmeditation” by Keith Dowman

"Dzogchen Nonmeditation" by Keith Dowman

"Dzogchen Nonmeditation introduces Dzogchen as a functional description of nonduality in the here-and-now. In Dzogchen parlance nonmeditation is the existential mode of identity with the nature of mind and thus it is central to the Dzogchen project. Nonmeditation is primarily identified as such, without any structure whatsoever; then in the traditional trekcho context as formal nonmeditation; in the context of togal as directed nonmeditation; and finally as 'skygazing'. This work on nonmeditation acts as both a pointing-out, revealing the magic of Dzogchen vision, and as a practical manual and guide in nonmeditation. Part One of the book comprises descriptions of the various permutations of nonmeditation, while Part Two consists of translations of extracts of original traditional texts by Dzogchen masters — Garab Dorje, Jigme Lingpa, and Dudjom and Khyentse Rinpoches — illustrating the nature of nonmeditation. This small book on Dzogchen nonmeditation, presenting the core of Dzogchen as nonmeditation, is the first in the Dzogchen teaching series. Keith Dowman is a translator and teacher of the Tibetan tradition."