“Problems of the Borderland” by J. Herbert Slater (2016 edition)

"Problems of the Borderland" by J. Herbert Slater (2016 edition)

"The following pages contain a summary of some of the elementary teachings of a very ancient faith which, though not generally known, have nevertheless been preserved to us, to some extent at least, by the writings of mediæval and later adepts and by tradition.

Though there is no real novelty in the groundwork of this résumé, the story it unfolds being as old as the hills, and older than some of them, it will nevertheless be new to nearly all who read it — all but a very few who, scattered about the world, have received it as part of their heritage. It is a sign of the times that some incidents in the story have, as it were, been "in the air" of late, and that scientists as well as occultists have grasped at them and built upon them a structure of their own. They have, in effect, discovered part of the truth from independent sources, and to that extent has "the stretched metre of an antique song" become manifest among them."