“Tactical Magic: A Fieldbook fo the Professional Mage” by Aaron M. McKagantry

"Tactical Magic: A Fieldbook fo the Professional Mage" by Aaron M. McKagantry

"Written for the professional mage, Tactical Magic gives techniques and tricks for dealing with the real mage's worst enemy—untrained ignorant dabblers. These gnats of the magical world, civilians, like to make ridiculous demands on genuine mages, making life difficult and making operating beneath the radar of the nonmagical public impossible. Ouija Boards, Possession and other sources of civilian hysteria are carefully deconstructed herein, with a no-nonsense fieldbook approach to dealing with typical nonmagical panic about things magical-identifying the source of the panic and neutralizing it in the most effective manner possible. Since magic is not as flashy or as exciting as civilians expect, tips for giving them the glitter they want while doing the small manipulations of energy they need are included. Non-Mages will find the book non-instructional, and should not bother looking within. This book is not about them, it's about mages living in the real world who have to deal with them."