“The Ki Process: Korean Secrets for Cultivating Dynamic Energy” by Scott Shaw

"The Ki Process: Korean Secrets for Cultivating Dynamic Energy" by Scott Shaw

"Immediate energy on demand!

Stories of ordinary people exercising extraordinary strength in moments of extreme danger illustrate the amazing presence of Ki—the universal life force that can be called upon in these situations. In this book, Scott Shaw presents techniques for strengthening the Ki with which you are born, and for consciously harnessing the Ki around you to help you through the many periods of duress that daily life presents. These secret Korean methods will give you access to needed energy "on request" so that you can draw on inner power to get you through whatever challenge you need to meet—physical, mental, and emotional.

An important step in learning how to use Ki is understanding how it flows through the channels (or meridians) in the body. Shaw describes each meridian's function, the indications of Ki blockage in the meridian, and a method of immediately stimulating Ki flow. He also suggests diet changes that can improve Ki flow, in addition to showing you how to actively focus Ki into specific regions of the body or into your mental functioning. With meditation, breathing, concentration, and relaxation exercises, you can consciously participate in life with Ki energy, instead of unconsciously letting life happen to you!"