“Transcendental Magic: The Rise of the New Magicians” by David Sinclair

"Transcendental Magic: The Rise of the New Magicians" by David Sinclair

"When the transcendental magicians appeared, the traditional magicians had no idea what to make of them.

The newcomers said they knew the true basis of magic. Magic, real magic, is all about the power of the mind. Not the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind. The source of magic is the mind we know nothing about, the hidden mind, the secret mind, the second mind, the occult mind.

Humanity hasn’t even begun to grasp the power of the unconscious. But the transcendental magicians made the unconscious — the transcendental unconscious — the focus of their search for the powers that transform the world. Transcendental magic marries psychology, physics, metaphysics and mathematics.

Magic is literally built into the fiber and fabric of existence. All you need to do is work out the magic code. Then you can hack reality and achieve your dreams.

The new magicians have come forth. Transcendental magic is the most powerful magic of all. The Magic Wars are about to begin."