“I Think, Therefore I Lie: A Radical Technique for Awakening Now” by Warren Archer

"I Think, Therefore I Lie: A Radical Technique for Awakening Now" by Warren Archer

"Are there times when you feel chained to your thoughts? Do you suffer from circular negative thinking? Are you tired of teachings that are couched in philosophy and aphorisms, essentially repeating what you’ve heard many times before, without providing a practical solution to what you need right now?

This book offers a one-of-a-kind, simple technique for awakening now. It is available to anyone and can be practiced at any time—even during the toughest of challenges.

There is no path to follow. No special requirements for this technique. It can be used anywhere and at any time. No pen and paper are necessary; no secluded, quiet place is needed.

Learn this simple technique and you will:
•Have the choice to end your suffering now;
•Be freed from depending on circumstances for your inner peace;
•Have the choice to end your search for truth and happiness outside the present moment.

All that is required is your willingness to apply the technique and relinquish your suffering, and you will unveil the openness and inner peace that is the very nature of awareness itself."