“TechnoMage” by Dirk Bruere (incomplete)

"TechnoMage" by Dirk Bruere (incomplete)

"TechnoMage is a collection of technological paradigms and techniques for the modification of consciousness and reality in magick. These range from hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to the exotic statistical argument that this reality is a simulation and the ramifications of that from an "operational magick" point of view. In between there are detailed investigations of the effects of electromagnetic fields on the brain, as well as low level direct electrical stimulation in the alteration of consciousness. Modern paranormal, or Psi, effects are detailed with regard to Remote Viewing (and influencing) as well as contemporary séance practices, physical mediumship, aspects of Ultraterrestrial (UFO) and interdimensional communications and their relationships to traditional demonology. And the machines to make it happen."

⚠️ This file was downloaded from Google Books and is missing about 15% of the pages.