“How to Change Limiting Beliefs, Vol.I: Techniques” by Shlomo Vaknin

"How to Change Limiting Beliefs, Vol.I: Techniques" by Shlomo Vaknin

"What if you're not damaged, or broken? There is a good chance that your limiting beliefs are ruining your life.

You know they do, if you’re hesitant, or often anxious, or procrastinate crucial tasks, or down on yourself for small mistakes, or you set unrealistic standards, or you’re constantly criticized by your parents, or you despise your body or personality or tone of voice… and so on and so on.

This book is all about the techniques, with very little explanations in between.

Although this book was originally intended for therapists working with clients, even if you're not interested in going to therapy and you'd like to help yourself, this book can help you. Simply record the instructions on your phone and listen back."