“Mata the Magician: A Romance of the New Era” by Isabella Ingalese

"Mata the Magician: A Romance of the New Era" by Isabella Ingalese

"Richard and Isabella Ingalese were a very important couple of the New Thought Movement of the early 1900s. They wrote and lectured extensively on the Occult subjects, such as reincarnation, alchemy, psychic forces, hypnotism and others. They became very famous in the 1920s, after claiming to have confected the true Philosopher's Stone, which confers immortality and turns common metals into gold (based on the writings of Paracelsus).

Mata the Magician is an Esoteric Novel, and one of the books written only by Isabella. It covers in a novelized version a wide range of subjects, from Psychic Phenomena to Death to what happens after death, including reincarnation. This novel is heavily quoted in their other works."