“Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing the Reality Game” by Brad Steiger and John White

"Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing the Reality Game" by Brad Steiger and John White

"Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing The Reality Game is a stimulating selection of consciousness expanding topics which include The Search For Extraterrestrial Life; Other Civilizations: The Prehistory Of Earth; Other Lifeforms: A Look At UFOs; Other Dimensions: The Astral Plane and Beyond; and Other Universes and Return to Godhead.

The introduction begins: "This book is an attempt to expand your consciousness by playing The Reality Game. The term originates with Brad Steiger in his book Mysteries of Time and Space, where he suggests that humanity has been challenged to participate in a kind of cosmic contest—The Reality Game. The objective is to know reality, to understand ourselves and the cosmos as fully as possible. If man can apprehend the true significance of certain clues; if he can master the proper moves, he may obtain a clearer picture of his true role in the cosmic scheme of things—a role that is decidedly different from what common sense tells him it is."

Contributors include Timothy Leary, who while serving time in a California prison for experimenting with psychedelics, donated an essay from his book, Terra II … A Way Out. Astrophysicist Jacques Vallee contributed a chapter from Passport to Magonia, his classic book on UFOs and folklore. Other writers include Rudolf Steiner, Yogi Ramacharaka and D. Scott Rogo.

Kirkus Reviews called it "A bit of this, a pinch of that, toads' eyes and bat brains," making it a must-read for anyone on the metaphysical truth trail."