“Disneyland of the Gods: An Investigation into Psychic Phenomena and the Outer Limits of Human Perception” by John A. Keel

"Disneyland of the Gods: An Investigation into Psychic Phenomena and the Outer Limits of Human Perception" by John A. Keel

"New Saucerian is proud to offer this finely crafted reprint of the first edition of Disneyland of the Gods by John A. Keel! This special reprint features the original cover art and an introduction by noted zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, who was one of Keel's mentors.

No matter where you live, you may be under the close scrutiny of mysterious entities who appear in many guises and who create all of man's myths and beliefs.

Charles Fort, a writer in the 1920s, concluded that the earth was "owned" by somebody or some thing. Ivan Sanderson, a famed biologist in the 1960s, said that this planet was a "farm" and that we were the crop! Millions of people around the world have had startling encounters with the "tricksters" such as the Men in Black (MIB), fairies and elves, snallygasters, Mothmen, aliens and "spacemen," and hairy, abominable creatures that all seem to vanish into thin air.

With sharp wit and unique insight, John A. Keel has spent a lifetime investigating and studying these age-old mysterious and the peculiar forces behind them. Many of the reports in Disneyland of the Gods were written originally for Saga Magazine over 40 years ago, but are as fresh today as they were then.

In these pages, you will find authentic reports on a wide variety of subject matter, and the conclusions Keel draws may shock and frighten you. Are we being invaded from outer space? Are secret government agencies tapping your phone, computer, and mail? Does someone really own the earth and use it as their own "Disneyland of the Gods?" You'd better find out before your phone goes berserk, your best friend becomes possessed by Bigfoot, and your loved ones vanish, screaming into the darkness."