“101 Curious and Bizarre Meditation Experiences” by Vern Lovic

"101 Curious and Bizarre Meditation Experiences" by Vern Lovic

"Meditation on the Breath Produces Many Curious States of Mind.

One hundred and one experiences that are possible in your simple meditation practice. Some experiences are to be expected, but most have some component of the bizarre. Here are a few of the interesting experiences:
* Dog Barking is YOU!
* Something Crawling Out of Your Chest
* Disappearing Body Parts
* Pendulum Bum
* The Fatness Feeling
* Expanse in Mind Opens
* Head Disappears
* Seamlessness
* Two Heads Talking
* Cone Head
* Jhanas
* Abhinnas
* Three Dimensions to Two Dimensions
* Reality Tilts
* Total Control Over Anger, Sadness, and Fear.

Many meditation teachers will tell you to ignore the mind-blowing states in your head as you meditate. Who is going to ignore any of the above? It just isn't reasonable. It just isn't human to ignore some of the fantastical states of mind that are produced during basic meditation on the breath.

Instead, we suggest you pay attention to them. Not just for face value, some of them are great fun to experience. Pay attention to the experiences because they are strong motivational tools to keep you practicing meditation when it gets boring.

Guess what?

It can get REALLY boring!

If you are able to enjoy the meditation experience, you're much more likely to continue along the path. Yes, you need to be able to let go of desiring to repeat the states so you can progress in your practice. In this book, you'll learn exactly how to do that and which experiences are fine to experience, and which you should just ignore in favor of refocusing on the breath.

All questions answered when you contact the author at the address given in the book.

Oh, and we included some lovely art from a Thai watercolor artist that we think you'll enjoy!"