“Nymphology: A Brief History of Nymphs” by John Kruse

"Nymphology: A Brief History of Nymphs" by John Kruse

"Nymphs, naiads, dryads and nereids have had an important place in Western culture since Ancient Greek times. They have given us myths, names and concepts that have shaped literature, art and folklore for nearly 3000 years. As well as contributing the stories of Hylas, Echo, Psyche, Kalypso and others, the Greek nymphs have influenced the way the peoples of Northern Europe understood their own native fairies, elves and mermaids. In recent times, of course, the nymph has been re-interpreted for modern society in the form of the adolescent nymphet.

In Nymphology John Kruse provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the role of the nymph in our story-telling, painting, sculpture and everyday thought. The book's chapters cover the nymphs' Greek and Roman origins, how they were re-shaped as the fae women of medieval romance, rediscovered as part of the Renaissance and reinvented as 'elemental beings,' as the undines and sylphs of Paracelsus.

The nymphs are followed into the present day through painting, poetry and philosophy, to come right up to date with the nymphets of the world wide web. On the way we consider Vladimir Nabokov, Symbolist and Pre-Raphaelite painters, Decadent poets and modern faery writers."