“Haunting Experiences: Wncounters with the Otherworldly” by Michelle Belanger

"Haunting Experiences: Wncounters with the Otherworldly" by Michelle Belanger

"Michelle Belanger's chilling collection of true stories will take you further than you've ever gone before into the realm of spirits, astral entities, and dark forces. Along the way, you'll encounter haunted violins, dark fae, hellhounds, an astral vampire summoned by an aspiring magician who becomes its unwitting target, haunted cremains, and mysteries still unexplained.

Whether Belanger is being accosted by an angry spirit who recently committed suicide or being driven out of haunted woods in a very Hitchcock-esque manner, the hard-won expertise and insightful commentary in this collection adds both depth and context to these truly frightening — and sometimes dangerous — haunting experiences."