“Secrets of Aura and Inner Energy: How to Read People Just by Looking at Them” by Maximillien De Lafayette

"Secrets of Aura and Inner Energy: How to Read People Just by Looking at Them" by Maximillien De Lafayette

"This is the first time ever, a step-by-step manual/book on how to read peoples’ vibes and know who they really are just by looking at them has been published. A most useful and fascinating book that teaches you how to see peoples’ Aura, sense their vibes, and feel their energy. It is abundant with illustrations, charts and sketches describing in detail all the phases and stages of fabulous Mind-Power esoteric techniques which were shrouded in secrecy for centuries.

Just look at any person and find out in seconds what he/she is thinking about, what his or her intentions are, and how you can use effective techniques to:
1. Counter vicious thoughts and actions aimed at you.
2. Discover what people are thinking of you.
3. Read their mind and consequently adopt a successful strategy to boost your position, protect your interests, and enhance your communication skills.
4. Unlock the mysteries of the human mind, and use it as an effective tool to make your dreams come true.

The book is an unprecedented invitation to the world of Power of the Mind and its mysteries, a journey to another dimension where only the privileged seers and mystic Ulema could enter and learn from. It is a book of wisdom, Firasa and ultimate knowledge."