“Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic” by Aidan Wachter

"Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic" by Aidan Wachter

Six Ways is a collection of approaches and entries for practical magic. It is not a system, grimoire, or belief system. The focus is on the development of healthy spirit ecologies with a decidedly animist bent.

"This book is a handbook of practical sorcery and magic, as I know and work it. Magic and sorcery have many definitions, and will have many more as we move as a species forward through time. The basic idea is that there are ways of being and interacting in the world that allow for certain kinds of communication, the production of change on both internal and external levels, and the development of what could be called 'special skills and talents'.

“These are psychic powers or arts, in the old usage of the word: meaning 'relative to the soul, spirit, mind'. These arts of soul, spirit, and mind come down to us in various ways. They come as full-blown systems of magic or witchcraft, as religious practices, as shamanry, as tales and ideas surviving via folklore, song, and literature.

“My approach is this: what works, works. That which does not work, or whose costs outweigh their benefits, should be discarded or modified until the balance skews more favorably.

“This is not to me a particularly religious practice, although one could make it so with no issue. It deals with a number (a great, unknowable number) of internal and external players. Spirits, Powers, and Others are the terms I use and prefer, while some will feel the need to get more specific as to the particular natures of these beings.

“Magic and sorcery are ways of being in the world. They are ways of interacting and inter-being with the world itself, its visible and invisible structures and its inhabitants. The aim of magic as I know it is to increase the quantity and quality of usable and useful information, communication, options, and avenues of change and movement within our selves and our worlds. It is an art of total responsibility, careful attention, and reciprocity. Magic is the art of falling in love with the Field and its inhabitants."