“A Cathar Gnostic Codex” by Johny Bineham

"A Cathar Gnostic Codex" by Johny Bineham

"Very few of the Cathar beliefs have spanned the centuries. Most of what is bandied about at present, is derived from the files of the most Holy Inquisition, the enemy terminator of the Cathars. Because the Cathars believed that the material world was at best an illusion, it concerned then not at all what information, or dis-information, they gave those hard-at-work, painstaking Dominican Inquisitors.

In actual fact, the advanced educated Cathar Perfecti, professed one thing while believing something entirely different.

This book, A Cathar Gnostic Codex, gives some specific insights into the Dualist, Gnostic Cathar philosophy, be it terse, blunt, to the point. It is certainly not meant to convey anywhere near the entire Cathar teachings, and yet, it does conveys much that was the heart and soul of that burnt-out ‘religion of love’.
Catharism was the only major religion which was totally committed to ‘pure unconditional love for everybody and everything, everywhere’. In that respect, they were indeed unique, for all religions profess love to varying degrees while sadly, latent ‘hate’ simmers quietly below the surface; hence our many wars of religious intolerance.

The Cathars believed in love which was based on respect for all of humanity; man, tree and beast. They were also well aware of the complete incompatibility of ‘power and love’, so it came down to Roma versus Amor. Any Cathars who were in any way unsure of this maxim, had the lesson burned into them, at the stake.

Thousands of Cathars took a roasting literally, by the Church, so it must raise a few clerical eyebrows to see this modern day resurgence of that despised heresy, Catharism.

As can be surmised from the Codex, Catharism is a philosophy that is too high and remote to be constrained and manacled by the strictured doctrines of religion, of which the world has more than enough varieties. No doubt though, some controlling males will try it on with another stone church erected somewhere.

Catharism, cannot be closeted indoors, for it lets loose the mind and full frees the soul. Begone, to the religious controls of heaven and hell; the day of judgement. Away with the Abrahamic Faiths, one shot at life, be it the most miserable of existences, while you or I have never had it so good. Compared to the fair and just system of reincarnation, where we will all experience the full gamut of life experiences. The one life, that’s it, rather than deific justice and goodness, smacks more of beatific inhumanity to man. Contrary-wise, the Cathars held the belief that we will all ultimately return to the very source of all creation, but not until we perfect ourselves by learning to love unconditionally.
The Cathars as well, returned the western world the beauty, intelligence and refinement of women, to be in equal place with men. Sexual equality after being banished by the Church for some 600 years. Love was back in vogue and here to stay, thanks to the Cathars. Unknown to their Medieval minds, today, they would be regarded as egalitarian and feminist, environmentalist and reincarnationist, which they considered should be the normal mode of existence for all of society.

This book A Cathar Gnostic Codex, possibly speaks a relative little for many but says a damned lot to those it is meant for. However, very many are not ready for the this newly resurfaced Cathar phoenix, as of now being resurrected from the many ashes and cinders which was their Medieval fate. Thankfully, it is somewhat more difficult these days, to remove an idea or ideal which has returned for the betterment of humankind."