“Healing Magick: Words of Power to Heal Yourself and Others” by Rose Manning

"Healing Magick: Words of Power to Heal Yourself and Others" by Rose Manning

"In this book, you find hope. Angel magick works. There are fourteen rituals that help with health and healing.

The rituals work to relieve infection, injury, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, and major illness. This magick can ease the stress of a medical crisis and protect you from epidemics.

Magick is an opportunity to make health and healing possible, but it’s not meant to replace ordinary medicine. If you rely on magick, you can seriously damage your health. But if you ignore angel magick, you miss out on the possibility of alternative healing.

Here you find Kabbalah-based angel magick, connecting you to healing through Words of Power and a set of unique angelic seals.

Without any mixtures or potions, you make a heartfelt request to the angels. With this magick, you can heal yourself and your loved ones.

You don’t need to understand how Kabbalah works, and you don’t need to believe anything. This is universal magick.

The book is short and practical, and it’s extremely easy to try the techniques. You’ve got nothing to lose when you open yourself to the magick of angels."