“The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication” by Chantel Lysette

"The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication" by Chantel Lysette

"Is that song on the radio a sign from heaven? Are those recurring images in my dreams a message from an angel?

The archangels always speak to us in ways we understand, but sometimes we need help recognizing their presence. When you create your personal "angel code"―your own unique way of connecting and interacting with your angels―you'll always have access to a Divine source of comfort, support, and wisdom to help you navigate your life and discover your true purpose.

With her signature down-to-earth sass and wit, Chantel Lysette offers a fun, hands-on guide and workbook for getting in touch with your angels. Through enjoyable activities and exercises, she'll help you sharpen your intuitive skills, create an ideal meditation space, and open yourself to Divine guidance. Worksheets and journal pages allow you to easily keep track of your spiritual encounters.

Get to know sixteen different angels―chief messenger Gabriel, record-keeper Metatron, good-humored warrior Michael, peaceful healer Raphael, and other heavenly hosts. Acquaint yourself with their personalities, the feelings they evoke, how they may appear, their associated signs and symbols, and countless other clues for recognizing their presence and deciphering their messages. "