“Time Magick, Clock Majika” by Charlz Wolfe

"Time Magick, Clock Majika" by Charlz Wolfe

"This book is an occult manual on the magic of time. Time is always of the essence, especially here in the physical plane. In the physical dimension, all things are governed by time. If there is one thing that is constant in the physical plane, that is time. Now, the practice of time magic has existed for centuries. The ability to shorten and lengthen time is one considered to be rare and sacred. For a time, it was a practice that was secretly revealed only to a few and chosen initiates of magic where you need to be associated with a particular coven or lodge before you could be worthy to receive such divine knowledge. However, all this changed since the revelation of the Archangel Uriel in 1327, a time when the ancient scroll on time was finally revealed.

Time Magick, Clock Majika discusses the secrets of time magic and reveals its mysterious practices, so that anyone who may have the courage to try this practice may be given a chance to do so. The only thing that you need to observe is that you must not use any knowledge that you gain from this book for evil. Always remember that magic has to be used for good and good alone.

Time is of the essence. By learning to control time, you can take control of your life and weave more powerful magic. Sadly, many people today are more controlled by the things that happen around them than by their very own will. Their will has become subservient to the will of others — and this can be a serious problem. No wonder so many people in the world today are very stressed out and unhappy with their lives.

Time Magick, Clock Majika reminds us of what truly matters and shows us a path — a magical path — on how we can live a more meaningful life, a life that is overflowing with great and divine magic. It is about taking responsibility and action through magic. After all, the life of a magus ought to be felt and personally experienced and not only read in books. Indeed, if you consider yourself to be a magical practitioner, then you ought to live a magical life.

The magic of time is the magic of life. It is not just about controlling the movement of the hands of the clock, but it is more about making sure that every moment counts. It is about being truly alive and being who you truly are. It is about being happy, being kind, being peaceful, and being magical through and through.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of time magic? If yes, then welcome into the world of time, of magic, of happiness, and life."