“Psychedelic Tricksters: A True Secret History of LSD” by David Black

"Psychedelic Tricksters: A True Secret History of LSD" by David Black

"Timothy Leary, High Priest of LSD, predicted: "‘The next war for control of this planet and beyond has to do with the control of consciousness".

From the late-1940s onwards, the US Central Intelligence Agency secretly attempted to use psychedelic drugs for purposes of social control and psychological warfare. But in the 1960s, LSD escaped its captors as a new generation of rebellious youth on both sides of the Atlantic discovered psychedelics as means for expanding consciousness rather than controlling it.

Exploring many of the myths surrounding LSD, the CIA and the counterculture, this meticulously-researched narrative concentrates on the roles and motivations of the 'Tricksters' on both sides in this world-changing phenomenon."