“My Amazing Adventures with the Sex Pistols” by Dave Goodman

"My Amazing Adventures with the Sex Pistols" by Dave Goodman

"The Sex Pistols exploded onto the UK music scene in 1976, their album Never Mind the Bollocks precipitating the punk rock movement and inspiring countless acts which followed. The man who was there right from the beginning as their sound engineer was Dave Goodman. This is the story of the time he spent with the band — on the road, in the studio and behind the scenes as live sound engineer, tour manager, record producer and mate.

A hilarious account of their chaotic, anarchic rise, capturing the personalities of each band member and the characters who surrounded them. With a foreword from manager Malcolm McLaren and an introduction by Phil Goodman, musical journalist, editor and noted punk insider, this book brings the famous story to vivid life — a bulletin from right inside the tour bus."