“Myth, Chaos, and Certainty: Notes on Cosmos, Life, and Knowledge” by Rosolino Buccheri

"Myth, Chaos, and Certainty: Notes on Cosmos, Life, and Knowledge" by Rosolino Buccheri

"This book offers a study of the three evolutions in a circle (cosmos, life, and knowledge) with the aim of discussing human social behavior, a metaphor of the general behavior of nature (from which man derives) within the fluctuating equilibrium between the opposite tendencies to cohesion and shredding; a circularity revealing an indefinite and probably never conclusive run-up of human beings to the knowledge of nature; an analysis that demonstrates any theoretical/practical impossibility to formulate absolute certainties, since it depicts a situation in which man finds himself hovering between a rational way of living and the contradictory modus operandi of mythos. All that, within a society where the powerful communication and transportation technologies give rise to conflicts and fragmentations, where anyone’s will to self-distinguishing is enhanced by highlighting any small difference and obscuring any large similarity. The main difference between this book and existing ones stems from its interdisciplinary nature, particularly because it establishes a close connection between three, apparently so different disciplines―cosmology, life sciences, and sociology―compared with respect to their increasing complexity laws, giving rise to always more chaotic configurations. "