“Radical Xingyi Energetics” by Scott Meredith

"Radical Xingyi Energetics" by Scott Meredith

"Radical Xingyi Energetics presents the classical Chinese internal martial art of Xingyiquan as Martial Nei Gong, using stylized striking techniques to cultivate internal energy. This book is the first to explicitly link the concrete movements of the Xingyi techniques and drills to the internal energetic results and experiences. The core movements and principles that will enable you to generate the Sharp Energy and the Surge Energy are presented in detail.

The Five Element Fists of Hebei Xingyiquan and three key Animals styles from the Twelve Forms are covered. This minimal selection is intentional, as these moves are exactly what’s needed to feel the energy.

This is not the complete art of Xingyiquan. That’s one feature you can cross off your list. Second thing to forget about: This book does not present anything that will be of immediate use for street, sport, or stage (self-defense, UFC, dance videos). If you need that, forget this.

It's only eight techniques, supported by many unconventional energy drills, plus original analysis of Xingyi energy framework, with reference to the writings of the great Xingyi masters. Radical Xingyi Energetics covers the experience of the two energies and how they are felt through the several dozen simple drills of this minimal, bare-metal art. Though the physical approach uses the common mechanics of the Xingyi Five Element Fists and Twelve Animals, the principles are unconventional, based on an exotic interpretation of the art seen through the lens of an old Chinese master teacher under whom the author trained more than 40 years ago.

The upside is that if you train according to the radical energetic principles of this book, giving it a fair chance, it’s likely that you will begin to feel the electric jolt of the "obvious energy" and the overwhelming flood of the "concealed energy" for yourself, as many others have."